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San Cristobal de la Habana

San Cristobal de la HabanaSan Cristobal de la Habana was the original name of Havana, Cuba's capital city, when it was founded in 1519; San Cristobal (St Christopher) in honour of Columbus and La Habana after an Indian name for the site.

San Cristobal de la Habana cigars were introduced in 1999 on the threshold of the new Millennium as a tribute to the city's long history.

The range comprises of four vitolas each named after the four fortresses that defended Havana when the city was the hub of Spain's American Empire. There are: El Morro, La Fuerza, La Punta and El Principe.

All of San Cristobal's vitolas are "tripa larga, totalmente a mano" -long filler, totally hand made.

Flavour: Light to Medium.

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